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I aim to provide a case study of my experience as much as I can, which means links may take you to another website in order to read more on how success was created.

Inbound Marketing

By combining SEO, social media, content marketing and blogging, I’ve been able to grow earned traffic at all brands I’ve worked with in online marketing.


As global e-commerce manager at Hurtigurten between 2009 and 2012, I was responsible for both B2B and B2C online sales. Online sales grew from $3 million per year to more than $100 million per year (case study here).

Search Engine Optimization

I have worked with SEO since 2008 from keyword research, technical site audits, duplication and on-site optimization. At Gengo, I was able to increase organic traffic by 200% (case study here) and at Atoll Paradise, I grew organic traffic by more than 300% (case study here).

Conversion Rate Optimization

While at Hurtigruten, I was responsible for the www.hurtigruten.com website. I was able to grow the conversion rate by 390% in 5 months (case study here) and at Softmedia, I was able to grow conversion rate by 170% (case study here).

Web Analytics

At all companies I’ve worked with, I have been the driver for web analytics. I have worked with Google Analytics since 2008 and use the data to build internal online marketing reports and to make decisions on how to improve performance. I recently shared a custom report to help track organic keyword goal conversions.

Email Marketing

I’ve been dealing with email marketing since 2008. I’ve worked with Compost (Karma), Silverpop and Mailchimp to name but a few and have worked closely with trigger mails and remarketing. By implementing a strategy used by the top 10 converting websites, I was able to help grow online sales by 58% (case study here)


I’ve been blogging on various platforms since early 2010. I’ve written more than 50 posts in three years. You can find my blog posts (author profiles) here:

I’ve also been featured on some of the most popular blogging platforms in the SEO industry such as SEOmoz and Search Engine Journal. You can read more here.

Coming soon

Case studies on content marketing, remarketing and A/B testing.


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